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Save on Credit Card Fees!

After several years of paying monthly processing fees, my wife and I implemented Cash Discount into our business. Our biggest concern was how our customers would react. We were very surprised by how well it was accepted after we explained it.


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Save on Credit Card Fees!

Save 95 to 100% of your monthly credit card processing fees. Cash Discounts reward customers for paying by a particular means and/or for not using a particular means of payment. Cash discount programs have been available for years to higher education, municipals, gas stations and utility providers, but only recently have federal regulations changed to allow independent business owners to use the same programs.

It has become an accepted practice in small businesses and consumers have begun to expect it! Take advantage now and start saving money.

How it Works

Our legally patented cash discount program was created to offer merchants nationwide an alternative to standard credit card processing. Merchants can now reduce their credit card processing costs by applying a 4% service charge to each sale they make and discounting the 4% for those who pay with Cash, Check, Gift Cards or Money order.

When your customer presents a credit card to make a purchase, the terminal will automatically apply the 4% and prints a receipt showing the discounted cash price with the non-discounted 4% fee added. We then deposit the entire full cash price (100%) into your account as though it was a cash transaction, and the non-discounted (4%) fee is retained and used to pay your processing fees.

Your customers will be encouraged to pay CASH to receive the DISCOUNTED price. They understand that credit and debit cards are more expensive to accept than cash and are used to paying more if they pay their taxes, utilities or tuition with a credit or debit card. When faced with a discount, many consumers will switch to paying with cash. Others will stick with their credit or debit cards and pay the regular price.

An easy transition into your business is based on transparency and communication to the customer. Clearly placed signage is a must and lets your customers know there is a service fee for all the products or services you sell, with a cash discount for them if they opt out of using a credit card.

Interaction at the point of sale is important. Be proactive and present it as a positive to the customer, that you are now offering an instant 4% cash discount for cash paying customers.

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What You Get

  • Risk free
  • Fast Set up
  • Legally Vetted
  • Save Thousands
  • Cash Discount Notification Signs
  • Free Terminal or a Discounted Point of Sale System
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Next Day Deposits
  • Superior Customer Support
  • A+ Rating with BBB

Try us Risk Free for 30 days. We provide our merchants with all the support you’ll need for a smooth transition.


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